Sir Simon Milton

Politician in the United Kingdom

Sir Simon Milton (1961-2011) had a reputation for getting things done. As London’s Deputy Mayor for Policy and Planning, and more recently, Chief of Staff to the Mayor, Boris Johnson, Sir Simon Milton was active in local politics in London his whole life. As a Conservative politician, Sir Simon was an active and leading politician in London’s government for over 25 years. He was named a Knight Bachelor in the New Year’s honours list of 2006.

Early Life and Getting Started in London Local Politics

Simon was born in London on the 2nd of October 1961, the only son of Clive and Ruth Milton. His father came to Britain in 1939, one of the children brought to the United Kingdom by the Kindertransport mission. Simon was educated at St. Paul’s School in London and completed his tertiary education at Goneville and Caius College, Cambridge. While at Cambridge he was President of the Cambridge Union and Chair of the Cambridge University Conservative Association. He furthered his education at Cornell University, New York, where he graduated with a Master’s degree in Professional Studies.

After University, Simon worked in the family business until it was sold on his father’s retirement. His first foray into politics was in 1988, when he was elected into Westminster City Council. He stood for election as a Member of Parliament in Leicester East in 1997, and despite his defeat continued to serve on a number of the council's committees before being elected lead in 2000.

Making ALL of London a Better Place

One of Sir Simon’s most significant contributions during his time at Westminster City Council was his ability to capitalise and maintain the exceptionally high profile of Westminster while raising the quality of life and campaigning for the rights of the less affluent northern suburbs and wards of the borough.

In 2008, he resigned as Councillor after his appointment as Senior Adviser, Planning to the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. In September of the same year he was appointed Deputy Mayor for Policy and Planning. His key responsibilities included policies for the built environment and in 2009, he was appointed as Chief of Staff to the Mayor, overseeing the greater London Authority administration, budgets and all advisers to the Mayor.

Sir Simon Milton, with his years of experience in borough management, managed to bring about consistent change and within London government; able to work closely with the leaders of boroughs and the government of the Mayor. He was instrumental in overseeing and implementing the London Plan, Boris Johnson’s overall plan for the future of London. In 1990, Sir Simon was diagnosed with leukaemia. He underwent a bone marrow transplant in 1998, but his immune system was considerably weakened by the process, leading to a continuing health issues . In 2007, he and Westminster Councillor and former Lord Mayor of Westminster, Robert Davis, entered into a civil partnership. Sir Simon Milton passed away on 11th April 2011.


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